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BBC news with Jonathan Izard.

Jonathan Izard为您报道BBC新闻。

The White House's tried to downplay the findings of a major climate change report compiled by 13 US Federal agencies. The study is at odds with assertionss from President Trump and several members of his administration. It concludes that human activity is the main cause of global warming.


In one of the first acts of his marathon tour around the Asia-Pacific region, President Trump has visited Pearl Harbour in Hawaii. He saw himself a US battleship sunk by Japanese bombers during the attack which drew America into the Second World War.


The United Nations says it receives 31 new allegations of sexual abuse and exploitations by its workers in the 3 months bewtween July and September. 12 cases were reported in Peace-Keeping mission in Haidi and 5 African countries.


Police in New York say they have a viable case against the Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein after an actress accused him of raping her 7 years ago. A police spokesman said the woman had presented the credible and detailed narrative.

纽约警方表示,一名女演员指控好莱坞制片人哈维·韦恩斯坦(Harvey Weinstein)七年前强奸了她,随后他们对他展开了调查。警方一名发言人表示,原告的陈述详细而可信。

Belgian Prosecutors are starting to review a European arrest warrant sent by Spain for the deposed Catalan leader---Carles Puigdemont and 4 of his ministers. The Catalans arrived in Belgium earlier this week after Spain accused them of rebellion and sedition.

比利时检察官开始审查西班牙发布的对被驱逐的加泰罗尼亚领导人普伊格蒙特(Carles Puigdemont)和其他四名部长的逮捕令。本周早些时候,西班牙指控他们叛国和煽动叛乱罪之后,加泰罗尼亚人抵达比利时。

An American citizen is expected to appear in court in Zimbabwe today, charged with insulting President Robert Mugabe. Martha O’ Donovan may also be accused of plotting to overthrow the government. Mrs O'Donovan, who works for a satirical video affliate, denied the allegations, calling them baseless and malicious.

今天,一名美国公民将在津巴布韦出庭,被控侮辱总统罗伯特·穆加贝(Robert Mugabe)。玛莎·奥多诺凡(Martha O'Donovan)可能还被指控阴谋推翻政府。奥多诺凡在一家讽刺性视频网站工作。她否认了该指控,称它们是毫无根据、蓄谋已久的。

Major Internet companies have endorsed proposed US legislations to prevent online sex trafficking. Firms including Facebook, Google and Amazon, have initially opposed the measures, saying they would hurt American innovation.


And Mustafa al-Imam recently captured by US Special Forces in Libya, has appeared in court in Washington, accused of the involvement in the attack on the diplomatic compound in Benghazi, in 2012.

美军最近在利比亚抓获的伊马姆(Mustafa al-Imam)在华盛顿出庭,他被控参与2012年袭击美国驻班加西大使馆的行动。

BBC news.