英语口语8000句22 工作单位:办公室常用口语句子(MP3)

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◎赶上了! I made it!
Not quite. (那可未必。) 
= I'm on time! 
= I arrived on time! (正点到达。)

◎要严格遵守时间。 Be punctual! 
Yes, sir.(是,知道了。)

◎你又迟到了。You are late again.

◎我只迟到了5分钟。 I was only late by five minutes.

◎打出勤卡了吗? Did you punch in? 
Did you punch out? 

◎让我看看我的日程安排。Let me check my schedule. 
Can we meet on Tuesday? (星期二我们可以见面吗?) 
= Let me look over my schedule. 
= Let me confirm my schedule.

◎我有好多事要干。I've got so much to do. 
I've got so much to do. (我有好多事要干。) 
Don't worry. You can do it. (不用担心,你完全能干好!) 
= I have so much to do. 
= I have many things to do. 
= I'm extremely busy. (我非常忙。)

◎我的时间安排很紧。I'm pressed for time.

◎我是个普通的公司职员。I'm an ordinary office worker. 
*ordinary“平凡,普通”。“男职员”、“女职员”均用an office worker表示。 
= I do office work. (我是个公司职员。) 
= I'm a regular office worker. (我是个普通的公司职员。)

◎这工作不太费事。The work doesn't need much effort. 
= The work doesn't need much effort. (这工作不吃力。) 
Lucky you! (那你太幸运了。) 
= It's an easy job. (这个工作不吃力。)

◎干活别偷懒。Don't neglect your duties! 
= Don't neglect your duties! (干活别偷懒。) 
Okay. I won't. (好的,绝不偷懒。)

◎西区由我负责。I'm in charge of the west side. 
= I'm responsible for the west side.

◎我已经结束那项工作了。I'm done with the work. 
Already? (已经结束了?) 
= I'm finished with the work. 
= I'm all done with the work.

◎我还能工作好长时间呢。I can still work for a long time. 
= I'll be able to work for many more years. (我还能工作好多年呢。) 
= I still have many years of work. (我还可以干上好几年。)

◎我们的上司被解雇了。Our boss has been fired. 
You're kidding! (你不是在开玩笑吧!) 
= Our boss has been dismissed. 
= Our boss has been let go. 
= Our boss has been canned. *俚语。 
= Our boss has been sacked. *俚语。

◎请把这个订在一起。Please staple these together. 
*stapler 是名词,“订书器”。 staple为动词,“订在一起”。

◎能帮我复印一下这份材料吗?Would you copy these papers?

◎复印机有毛病了。This copy machine doesn't work. 
= This copy machine isn't working. 
= This copier is broken. (这台复印机坏了。)

◎我想复印机是没纸了。I think it ran out of paper. 
*run out“用完”。 
= I think it's out of paper.

◎付款截止到什么时候? When is this due? 
= When do I have to pay this by? 
= When is the last day I can pay for this? 
= How long is the pay period? 
= When is the pay period over? 
= When does this have to be finished by?

◎付款日期截止到30号。It's due on the thirtieth.

◎我们休息一会儿吧。Let's take a break. 
Yes, let's. (好吧,休息一会儿吧。) 
= Shall we take a break. (我们休息一会儿吗?)

◎能帮我倒杯咖啡吗? Get me a cup of coffee, will you? 
= Would you bring me a cup of coffee? (能麻烦您帮我倒杯咖啡吗?) *这种说法要礼貌得多。

◎您想喝杯咖啡吗? Would you like some coffee?  
= Do you want some coffee? 
= How about some coffee?

◎那真是太好了。That would be great. 
= That would be perfect. 
= That would hit the spot. 
= That would be grand. *比较旧的说法。

◎快到午饭时间了。It's almost lunchtime. 
= It's almost time for lunch.

◎我们有1小时的午休时间。We took an hour lunch break. 
Where were you? (你去哪儿了?) 
= We took an hour lunch break. (我们有1小时的午休时间。)

◎我们开始吧。Let's get started. 
= Let's begin! 
= Here we go. 
= Let's get down to business. 
= Let's get down to work. (我们开始工作吧。)

◎现在我不能放下这个工作。I can't leave this job at the moment. 
= Let's take a vacation soon. (我们马上休假吧。) 
= I can't leave this job at the moment. (现在我不能放下这个工作。) 
= I'm tied up at the moment.

◎我太忙了,顾不上那么琐碎的事。 I'm too busy to bother with such details. 

◎我忙得四脚朝天。I'm so busy, I'd really appreciate any help I could get.

◎别偷懒! Don't slack off! 
*slack“懒惰”、“马马虎虑”、“松散”,slack off 表示“做事松松散散”、“偷工减料”。

◎尽你的全力!Do your best!

◎悠着点儿。 Don't work too hard. 
= Good-bye, John. (约翰,再见。) 
Bye. Don't work too hard. (再见。悠着点儿。)

◎打起精神来。Pull yourself together. 
*pull oneself together“打起精神,振作起来”。 
But I just made a big mistake. (可是我出了个很大的差错。) 
= Get a hold of yourself.

◎你可以找我呀! You can count on me. *count on...“指望”、“依赖”。 
= I need more help with the project. (这个计划还得找人帮忙。) 
= Well, you can count on me. (那,你可以找我呀。)

◎连喘口气的工夫都没有。I don't even have time to catch my breath. 
How's work? (工作怎么样?) 
= I don't even have time to catch my breath. (连喘口气的工夫都没有。
= I don't have time to breathe.

◎你怎么耽搁了? What's keeping you? 
= What's keeping you? Hurry up. (你怎么耽搁了,快点儿!) 
I'll be over soon. (马上就来。)

◎换个工作是惟一的解决办法。Changing jobs is the only way out. 
*way out“解决办法”。

◎你应该更加努力工作。You'd better work harder. 
= You should work harder. 

◎我是个工作狂。I'm a workaholic. 

◎我不知道这张表怎么填。I don't know how to fill out this form. 
*fill out“在空白处填写”。form是“填写用表”。

◎这张表怎么填? How do I fill out this form?

◎您能帮我填一下这张表吗? Can you help me with this form?

◎看来会议要开长时间了,是吧? It looks like it's going to be a long meeting, doesn't it? 
*look like...“好像要……”,“看样子……”。 
= This is gonna be a long one. (看来要拖长时间了。)

◎会议开得很成功。The meeting went well. 
= That went well. (进行得很顺利。)

◎我已经尽了最大的努力了。I did all I could do. 
Why didn't you help more? (怎么没再帮他一把?)  
= That's all I can do. 
= There is nothing more I can do. (我已经使出了浑身解数。)

◎你觉得印象深刻吗? Are you impressed? 
Very. (印象很深刻啊。) 
= Isn't it impressive?

◎请在重要事项的下面划线。 Please underline the important items. 
*underline 可用作动词,“在……下划线”。

◎好,没问题! Check. 

◎你能把要点说得再清楚点儿吗? Would you get to the point? 
*get to the point“抓住重点,进入正题”。 
= Would you get to the point? (你能把要点说得再清楚点儿吗?) 
All right, all right. (好的,好的。) 
What's the point? (什么是重点?) 
= Stop beating around the bush. 
= What are you trying to say? (你想说什么?) 

◎全部重做。Please do it all over again. 
*all over again“再重新做”,用于不好的事情。 
From the beginning? (从头开始吗?) 
= Please start over from the beginning.

◎把这个给田中先生传真过去。Fax this paper to Mr. Tanaka. 

◎请把那份文件交给我。Please hand the document in to me. 
*hand in“提交,交出”。 
What document are you talking about? (你说的是哪份文件?) 
= Please submit the document to me. 
= Please hand in the document to me.

◎这是我的得意之作。This is a piece of work I can be proud of. 
I'm really proud of this.

◎我找不到我的涂改液了。I can't find my white-out. 

◎今晚你加班吗? Are you working overtime tonight? 
*work overtime“加班”。 
Unfortunately, yes. (很遗憾,要加班。) 
= Are you working late tonight? (今天晚上你要工作到很晚吗?)

◎工作就是工作,不能讲私情。Business is business.

◎他是个努力工作的人。 He's a hard worker.

◎你超负荷工作了。 You're overworking.

◎今天必须完成这份报告。 Finish this report today!

◎报告截止到几号? When is the paper due?

◎我有很多事要做。 I've got so much to do.

◎瞧我桌上堆了一堆的事儿。 There's a lot of work piled up on my desk. 
*pile up“堆积如山”。 
I feel sorry for you. (我真同情你。)

◎差不多就得了。We'll fake it. 
We'll make it up as we go along.

◎全都做完了。 All done! 
I've finished it all.

◎今天忙了一天。It's been a long day. 
It's time to go home. (该回家了。) 
= It's been a long day. (今天忙了一天。) 
= We've worked hard today. 
= It was a very busy day. 
= Today was a rough day at work.

◎我不能为你破例。I can't make an exception for you. 

◎外边天都黑了。It's dark outside already. 
= It has become dark outside already. 
= It's already dark out.

◎就干到这儿吧。Let's finish up. 
= I'm so tired. Let's finish up. (我太累了,今天就到这里吧。) 
= Good idea. Let's go home. (好主意,那我们回家吧。) 
= Let's call it a day! (今天就到这里吧。) 
= Let's go home! (我们回家吧。)

◎正好工作刚做完。I've just finished work. 
Let's go for drink. (那我们去喝一杯吧。) 
= I just got off work. 
= I've just finished working.

◎今天发工资。Today's payday. 
Oh, yeah? I forgot all about it. (是吗?我都忘得一干二净了。)

◎我们一起去喝一杯吧。Let's have a drink. 
= Let's go out for a drink!

◎你辛苦了。Thanks for your hard work.

◎我先走了。I hope you don't mind my leaving now. 
= Could you excuse me, please? 
= Will you excuse me, please?

◎对不起,打断一下。Sorry for interrupting. 
= I'm sorry to interrupt. 
= I'm sorry to interrupt you. 
= Excuse me for interrupting. 
= Forgive me for interrupting.

◎打扰一下可以吗? May I interrupt (you)? 
Excuse me.

◎史密斯先生在1号线听电话。Mr. Smith is on line one. 
Oh, okay. Thanks. (好的。谢谢。)

◎我已经和青木先生约好了。I have an appointment with Mr. Aoki. 
Hello. May I help you? (您好,您有什么事吗?) 
Yes, I have an appointment with Mr. Aoki. (是的,我已经和青木先生约好了。)

◎ABC公司在几楼? What floor is ABC on? 
The tenth floor. (在10楼。)

◎电梯在哪儿? Where are the elevators? 
Around the corner over there. (在那个拐角。)