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From VOA Learning English, this is the Health & Lifestyle report. 这里是VOA慢速英语健康生活报道。

In the future, chemicals from plants found in and around the Mediterranean may be used to help treat people with brain diseases such as Alzheimer's and Parkinson's. 不久的将来,地中海及其周边发现植物所含的化学物质将有助于治疗阿尔茨海默病和帕金森病等脑部疾病。

These two diseases are age-related and neurodegenerative. Neurodegenerative relates to the degeneration of nervous tissue, especially the brain. 这两种疾病是和年龄相关的神经变性疾病。神经退行性疾病与神经组织、尤其是脑部的退化息息相关。

People suffering from Alzheimer's and Parkinson's have deposits of sticky plaque in their brains.  这两种疾病的患者脑部会出现粘性斑块的沉积物。

Over time, this plaque reduces brain function. Eventually, it causes death. 这种斑块会逐渐降低大脑功能,最终会导致死亡。

But scientists say the plaque deposits can be reduced with chemicals from plants, including prickly pear and brown seaweed.  科学家称,从仙人球和褐藻等植物中提取的化学物质可以减少这种斑块沉积物。

Scientists say the chemicals — or, extracts — appear to replace the harmful, sticky plaque with deposits that are less harmful. 这些化学物质或提取物似乎能够用危害较轻的沉积物代替有害的粘性斑块。

These scientists are researchers at the University of Malta and the National Center of Scientific Research at the University of Bordeaux. 这些科学家是马耳他大学及波尔多大学国家科学研究中心的研究人员。

They tested the chemical extracts of the plants on a substance called Brewer's yeast.  他们从一种名为“布鲁尔氏酵母”中提取了酵母进行检测。

This yeast had plaque deposits similar to those seen in Alzheimer's disease.  这种酵母与阿尔茨海默病症中的斑块沉积物类似。

Scientists say the health of the yeast improved greatly after exposure to the chemical extracts. 科学家介绍,接触到植物中的化学物质后,这种酵母的健康程度明显提高。

Researchers then tested the extracts in fruit flies that were genetically changed to develop symptoms of Alzheimer's. 随后,研究人员对经过遗传修饰患上阿尔茨海默病症的果蝇进行测试。

They found that when the flies were given brown seaweed extract, their lifespans increased by two days.  他们发现,接受了褐藻提取物疗法后,果蝇的寿命延长了2天。

Prickly pear helped the insects live four days longer. 而仙人球提取物疗法能够将果蝇的寿命延长4天。

That may not sound like a long time.  虽然时间听起来不长。

However, the researchers remind us that one day in the life of a fruit fly is equal to one human year. 然而,研究人员提醒大家,果蝇一天的寿命相当于人类一年的寿命。

Researchers also noted that movement in some diseased insects improved. 研究人员还指出,患病昆虫的运动性也有所改善。

They reported their findings in the journal Neuroscience Letters. 他们将研究结果发表在《神经科学快报》杂志上。

Researchers say that the sticky plaques in both Alzheimer's and Parkinson's diseases appear to form through the same biological pathways.  研究人员表示,阿尔茨海默病和帕金森病的粘性斑块似乎都是通过同一种生物学机制形成的。

Targeting these pathways, they say, is the best way to fight the diseases. “对症下药”才是对抗这类疾病的根本途径。

The lead author of the study is Ruben Cauchi of the University of Malta's Center for Molecular Medicine and Biobanking.  这一研究的主要作者是马耳他大学医学和生物银行中心的鲁宾·考基(Ruben Cauchi)。

He says the Mediterranean plant extracts are already used in health foods and some cosmetics. So, they are very safe. 他说,地中海植物提取物在保健食品和化妆品中被广泛应用,所以成分很安全。

The research team is working with a company that extracts the chemicals for commercial use as so-called "fountain of youth" products. 研究团队正与“年轻之泉”——一家专门提取这类化学物质用于商业用途的公司合作。

And that's the Health & Lifestyle report. 以上为健康生活报道的全部内容。

I'm Anna Matteo. 安娜·马特奥为您播报。


1.brain diseases 脑部疾病

EEG can accurately reflect many brain diseases, especially for seizures, more accurate diagnosis.

2.appear to 似乎;好像

appear to have mislaid my jumper.

3.prickly pear 仙人掌

The invasive prickly pear cactus in Australia was controlled by bringing in an Argentineancactus moth.

4.lead author 首席作者

The lead author, Susan Harkema, is a professor in the Department of Neurosurgery at theuniversity.
论文主要作者苏珊·哈柯玛(Susan Harkema)是该校神经外科系的一名教授。


1.Over time, this plaque reduces brain function. Eventually, it causes death.

Over time 随着时间流逝

Over time, the technology is diffused and adoptedby other countries.
Over time she internalized her parents 'attitudes.

2.However, the researchers remind us that one day in the life of a fruit fly is equal toone human year.

be equal to 等于

The happiness you feel is equal to the love you give.
This is a nominative absolute structure, which is equal to a conditional clause.







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