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1. We study spoken English so as to make oral communications,so this order of importance of oral English study should be followed:Fluency,Accuracy,and Appropriateness.


2. Try to find some partners practicing oral English together and English corner is a good place as where we may exchange English study experience, widen our sight and improve interest in English.


3. If English partners are not easy to get, then we have to create an English environment ourselves by speaking English to ourselves.


4. This method is very effective and easy to insist on——interpreting Chinese-English novels or books. First we read the Chinese parts and then try to interpret them into English and then compare our interpretation with the original versions in the novels or books so that we can find out the mistakes, shortcomings and progresses in our interpretation.

这种方法非常有效且很容易坚持——口译汉英对照(或英汉对照)的小说或其它读物。首先我们先读汉语部分,然后逐句直接口译成英文,完成一小段后,去看书上 的对应英文部分并与我们的口译进行比较,我们马上可以发现我们口译的错误、缺点。请注意:开始要选择较简单的读物,这样作的好处:

1) 自己就可以练习口语,想练多久,就练多久。来源:考试大考试大成就你的梦想






5. Interpreting what you hear——Changing Roles: Three people make a group: one speaks Chinese, one speaks English acting as the foreigner, one acts as interpreter. Then change roles. This is a good interpreting training method and is good for studying from one another. In addition, it may improve the responding ability and speed of students. The advanced stage of this method is simultaneous interpretation.

听译法-角 色互换: 三人一组,模拟翻译实战。一人将汉语,一人将英语,扮演老外,一人作翻译。练习一段时间后互换角色。这是一种非常好的翻译训练方法,也是很好的相互学习, 取长补短的方法。而且可大大提高反应速度和能力。此法的高级阶段为同声传译,我们可以在听广播或看电视或开会时,把所听内容口译英文。

6. Oral composition and 3-minute training method: This method is suitable for intense training. Making an oral composition about a certain topic for one minute the first time and record the composition on tape at the same time. Then listen to the composition and find out the room for improvement. Then make the same composition for two minutes for the second time and also record it. And at last repeat the above-mentioned for three minutes.


7. Retelling exercise: Retell some articles or English stories in our own words.


8. If possible, we may read some English tongue twisters loudly and quickly with one or two cakes of candy in our mouth (just as the Chinese cross-talk actors do.) to train our oral cavity muscle and tongues suitable for English pronunciation.


9. Paying more attention to phrases and small words as one major shortcoming of Chinese English (especially Chinese oral English) is that Chinese students tend to use big words in their oral language, oral English is abundant with short, active and vivid phrases. And most of such phrases are made of small words.


10. Oral English has its own features, but it is closely combined with other aspects of English, for example, writing may make oral English precise and accurate.



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