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想让自己说的像一个native speaker,



1.truth be told: “in truth” 实话实说:“真正地,实际上”

2.concerns/issues (n.): problems 关注/议题:问题

3.eco-system (n.):environment 生态系统:环境

4.rewarding (adj.): satisfying 有益的,有回报的:满意的

5.(to) spread (your) resources too thin: spend time and effort on too many different tasks simultaneously: 花时间和精力同时做多项事务,即太忙了。

6.(to) spring to my mind: suddenly remember 突然出现在脑中:突然想起

7.topical (adj.): current 热点的:流行的

8.a span of (n.): a length of 一段(时间)

9.general populace: regular people in society 普通民众:社会上的一般人

10.so to speak (used after an idiom): to say something in words with unusual meaning可以说(用于习语后面):在使用不平常表达方法时说的话

11.sketch (n.): a pencil drawing 素描

12.elaborate (adj.): complex 细密的;详尽的:复杂的

13.at the last minute: late 最后一分钟:最后

14.(to) blow (one’s) own horn: to say good things about yourself自吹自擂;说些自己的好的方面

15.(to) be specific: In more detail具体来说:更细节地讲

16.of that ilk: of that kind 同种类的:那一种

17.at short notice: allowing only a short time to prepare for something 在短时间内:仅为准备某事预留很短的时间

18.(to) rack (one’s) brain: (to) think hard绞尽脑汁:认真思考

19.in any way, shape or form: at all 无论从哪方面,造型或形式上:根本,无论

20.(to) be big on: (to) like, (to) be good at热衷于:酷爱;擅长

21.a labor of love: work from the heart 乐于做的事:内心喜欢做的工作

22.from scratch: from the beginning/from nothing 白手起家:从一无所有开始

23.handyman: someone good at doing repairs in the house 手巧的人:(尤指在家做家庭补修活上)手巧的人

24.half a decade: five years 十年的一半:五年

25.(to) get something into one’s head: to understand and realize something 想出一些东西;计上心头;决定做某事

26.an added bonus: something extra that was good which you didn’t expect 额外的福利:并未期望得到的东西

27.blue-chip company: a promising, successful company一流的公司;蓝筹股:一个有前途,有希望的公司

28.a healthy return: a good profit 一个好的受益

29.lucrative:highly profitable 赚钱的,获利丰厚的

30.(to) quit while (you) are ahead: to stop while you are in a good situation挣到钱后就收场(见好就收):一旦好的局势来临就停止

31.ecstatic (adj.): very happy: extremely happy狂喜的:非常高兴

32.(to) go public: (to) first offer shares on the stock market上市

33.(to) keep your eye on (something): to watch closely 关注某事

34.(to) accumulate (v.): to grow积累:成长

35.solid (adj.): reliable可靠的:可信赖的

36.majestic (adj.): graceful, magical 庄严的:优雅的,有魔力的

37.endangered (adj.): in danger of becoming extinct濒临灭绝的:处于一种灭绝的危险

38.prevalent (adj.):wide-spread流行的

39.a national institution: something that is loved and treasured by a particular country一个民族的标志:某物在特定的国家里收到珍视

40.indigenous (adj.) native to a particular place本土的

41.(to) be fascinated by: to be amazed by something被…所着迷;被…深深吸引

42.(to) cast (v.): (to) throw 投掷:仍

43.supernatural (adj.): concerning things not of this world, ghosts and magic etc.超自然现象的:有关这个世界不存在的事情,像鬼魂和魔法等等。

44.fairy tales/fables: children’s stories (often with morals)神话故事/寓言:童话故事(时常带有道德性)

45.(to) toss and turn: often to roll over, unable to sleep翻来覆去:辗转反侧,不能入睡

46.mythical (adj.): not true, of the imagination神话的:不真实的,带有想象力的

47.genre (n.): type类型:种类

48.locale (n.): place, location场所:地方,位置

49.protagonist (n.): main character, the hero主角:主要的人物,英雄

50.dungeon (n.): an underground prison地牢:一种地下的监狱

51.spectacular (adj.): wonderful, amazing壮观的:有趣的,惊人的

52.damsel in distress: a woman in trouble (used for books, movies etc.)困境中的少女:陷入麻烦中的女人

53.‘A’ over ‘B’: ‘A’ is more than/better than ‘B’: ‘A’ 多于/好于‘B’

54.vain, self-centered/egotistical, stuck up (adj.): self-loving自负的,自我为中心的/任性的, 傲慢的:自私的

55.(to) get a kick out of (something): to greatly enjoy因某事感到愉快:

56.conman (n.): cheats, liars骗子

57.narrator (n.):story-teller叙述者:讲故事的人

58.swashbuckling (adj.): full of action, usually involving sword-fighting etc. 惊险打斗的;历经艰险的;惊心动魄的

59.nefarious (adj.):evil, terrible邪恶的:罪恶的,可怕的

60.sibling (n.): brother or sister兄弟姐妹;兄弟或姐妹

61.well-worn (adj.): showing wear and tear 穿坏的:穿破的

62.treasure (n.): hidden money (often gold) 宝藏:被藏的钱财

63.(to) chronicle (v.) ( a story/event): to tell a story/event 记录……事件/经历

64.high seas: deep ocean 公海:深海

65.hazy (adj.): unclear 朦胧的;不清晰的

66.in case you’re not familiar with the term…(use before explaining the meaning of a word) “假使你不熟悉这个术语…”:在解释一个单词的意思之前使用。

67.plaques/medals/trophies: items given to competition winners奖章/勋章/奖杯:奖给竞争获胜者的项目

68.free weight: not connected to a machine; dumbbells etc. 自由举重:不连到一台机器上,哑铃等

69.I dunno: a way of writing the informal spoken form of “I don’t know.” 我不知道“我不知道”的非正式口语的写法,让我想想。

70.the like: similar things 类似的:相似的东西

71.sports meet: sports competition 运动会:运动比赛

72.rusted-brown(adj.): reddish-brown红褐色的

73.off the beaten track: away from popular areas鲜有人涉足的:远离大众区域的

74.gargantuan (adj.): huge, gigantic 庞大的

75.landmark (n.): a famous building or place in nature地标:一个大自然中的著名建筑或地方

76.oblong (adj.): 椭圆形的

77.back (adv.): ago倒回:以前

78.(to) be dwarfed by (something): made to feel small 矮小的:使感到渺小

79.corporate (adj.): of business法人的:商业的

80.I believe: as far as I know 据我所知

81.star-studded (adj.) featuring many famous people明星荟萃的

82.resort hotel: hotel near the sea度假酒店

83.a stone’s throw: very close离……比较近的

84.lush(adj.): having many trees, plants etc.蔡翠繁茂的

85.aquarium: a fish zoo水族馆

86.mod cons: modern appliance现代化生活设备,如电气,燃气,热水器等

87.hammock: a rope bed hung between two trees 吊床

88.lagoon: the enclosed water of an atoll (a ring-shaped island made from coral)环礁湖:环状珊瑚岛

89.petting zoo: a zoo where children can touch the animals 宠物园:孩子能触摸到的动物的动物园

90.(to) get away from it all: to take a holiday away from busy, stressful places 摆脱一切:离开繁忙,压力大的地方去度假

91.(to) charge one’s batteries: to relax and get more energy: 放松以获得更多的能量

92.(to) knock back (something): to drink something quickly豪饮:快速喝点(某种饮品)

93.a cornucopia of: a huge range相当多的,形形色色的, 充足的

94.everything under the sun: a huge range 世上的一切:范围相当大的

95.plentiful (adj.): abundant丰饶的:丰富的,富足的

96.(to) be ripped off: (to) be cheated欺诈:受骗(例如花了高价钱买了一个便宜货)

97.mind-blowing (adj.): amazing 令人印象极其深刻的,令人极其震惊的

98.siege (n.): a forceful military action: 围攻,包围

99.gondola (n.): a small carriage suspended on a long wire used to go up/down mountains:缆车

100.once-in-a-lifetime experience: a special experience (maybe only done one time) 一生只有一次的经历

101.panoramic (adj.): with a view of a wide area of land全景的

102.heritage (n.): cultural traditions文化遗产:文化传统

103.what it lacks in (XX) it makes up for in (XX):it may not have (XX), but it has (XX)在某方面欠缺的则在另外一方面加以弥补

104.atlas (n.): a map book: 地图集

105.bookworm (n.): someone who reads many books书虫:一个非常喜爱读书的人

106.attentive (adj.): paying attention to 留心的:关心的

107.avid (adj.): having great interest in something 热心的:对某事有极大的兴趣

108.(to) browse (v.): to flick through, look casually浏览:快速翻阅,随便看一看

109.(to) check something out: to go and see something 查看某物:去了解清楚某物,核实某物

110.(to) house something (v.): to have under the same roof 安置

111.(to) jam into) (a space)/(to) be crammed into (a space): to fit into a tight/small space 勉强塞入(某地方)挤入(某地方)

112.a great array of: many许多

113.bygone times: years ago很久以前:多年前

114.planetarium (n.): a place to observe and study the stars 天文台

115.a window into (something): an insight into深入了解

116.(to) be rained out: to be cancelled due to rain由于下雨而取消

117.hordes (n.): crowds 一大群 hordes of people 一群人

118.a bunch of: a group of 一群/一堆

119.mosh (v.): to dance aggressively, colliding into other people狂舞:疯狂地跳舞,以至于撞到别人

120.(to) get hitched: get married 结婚

121.tardy (adj.): late 迟到的

122.(to) bring (something) up: to recall and talk about a prior event谈到(某事)时常谈论之前发生的一件事件

123.less-than-perfect (adj.): not very good 不理想的:并非完美的

124.embarrassed (adj.): red-faced, ashamed 尴尬的

125.someone’s big day: (someone’s) important day 某人的大好日子

126.it goes without saying that: it is obvious很明显:显而易见

127.(to) be let off the hook/(to) let someone off the hook 被放过/放过某人

128.(to) go swimmingly: to go according to plan, to go well进展顺利的:根据计划顺利进行

129.touching (adj.): moved感人的

130.a big bash: a large party一个大聚会:一个盛大的宴会

131.hiccup (n.): a small problem问题/小难题 (这个词作动词的时候是打嗝的意思)

132.bouquet: a bunch of flowers一束花

133.festive (adj.): happy, full of celebration欢乐的

134.mythology (n.): related to legends, fables etc. 神话;神话学;

135.all manner of: different types of 各种各样的

136.bountiful (adj.): plentiful, full富足的:

137.(to) coincide (v.): to happen at the same time

138.pastry (n.): a food made from dough (usually for pies or similar items)/面粉糕饼

139.masquerade party: a party where people wear masks化妆舞会

140.novelty (n.): something unique风格独特/新奇的事物

141.(to) word something: to say or write something 措辞,用词

142.gala: event, party节日;庆祝;盛会,聚会

143.off-white (adj.):cream-colored 奶油色的

144.recess (n.):学校里的课间; (会议,法庭或政府等官方机构的休息)

145.halcyon years: the happiest times 宁静/幸福的时光;

146.nondescript (adj.): plain, simple 难以区别的:简单的,平凡的

147.nostalgic (adj.): with a happy feeling when remembering the past怀旧的:想起过去时一种愉快的感觉

148.off the top of my head: without think deeping不假思索

149.puzzle (n.): a thinking game迷:智力游戏

150.ages (n.): a very long time很长一段时间

151.impetus (n.): starting pint, reason动力,崔晋因素,出发点,原因

152.(to) be over the moon: very happy欣喜若狂:非常高兴

153.bits and pieces: various items零碎物品

154.back-to-back (adj.): without stopping 紧接着

155.(to) let something slide: to stop being interested in , to do less, to become careless about不管它,随它去,放任不管,任其自然

156.if at all: perhaps none/nothing就算真的有:也许什么都没有;如果某事真的会发生的话;如果某人真的要做某事的话

157.(to) take (someone) back: to remember earlier times使(某人)回忆起以前的时光:使某人记得以前的时光

158.settee: a small sofa 有靠背的长椅:小型沙发

159.whatnot: things like that诸如此类

160.(to) think back on: to remember 回想:记起

161.by any standard: in any way以任何标准:以任何办法

162.(to) drop by=(to) swing by: to visit 顺便拜访

163.nursery rhyme: 童谣

164.weird (adj.): strange奇怪的,怪异的

165.(to) get stuck in one’s head: hard to forget 印在脑海:很难忘记

166.catchy (adj.):引人注意的

167.time and time again: often 一次又一次

168.alike (adj.):similar 相似的

169.remember doing something记起做某事

170.twofold (adj.): twice as much or as many 有两部分的:有两个方面

171.at the drop of a hat: quickly, easily立即,毫不迟疑地

172. mischief (n.): 恶作剧

173.spontaneous (adj.): without thinking 自然的,自发的

174.(to) cram: to study a lot of things at the last minute for an exam 仓促备考:最后一刻学习一些东西

175.free-for-all (n.): an argument involving several people 混战:包含多个人的争议

176.(to) get by: to survive financially 勉强存活

177.(to be) on the fence: to have a neutral opinion保持中立的:抱观望态度

178.mom-and-pop (adj.): small, often family-owned (used for business)夫妻经营的;家庭经营的

179.trendy (adj.): popular, cool时髦的;流行的

180.glitzy (adj.): flashy, bright 闪耀的;闪光的,耀眼的

181.opulent (adj.): rich丰富的:富裕的

182.at all hours of the day: all the time during the day一直;任何时间

183.aesthetic (adj.): of artistic beauty审美的

184.aerobics (n.): 有氧运动

185.more often than not: usually 通常

186.a hoot: interesting/funny 有趣的

187.senior citizens: older people 年老的市民

188.field of expertise: your major or specialist subject 专业知识

189.laidback (adj.): easy-going 放轻松的:容易相处的

190.at the mouth of: (河流)入口处

191.a hop, skip and a jump from

192.a myriad of: many 大量的

193.vibrant (adj.):full of energy生机勃勃的

194.metropolis: a large and densely populated city大都市

195.eye-opening (adj.): having something surprising, or something that you did not know before大开眼界的

196.hub (n.): the center 中心

197.cosmopolitan (adj.): having many nationalities and customs 世界性的

198.haunted (adj.): having ghosts inside 闹鬼的 A haunted house鬼屋

199.(to) teem with (something): to be full of, swarming with充满:挤满

200.(to) blare (v.):to make a loud noise发出亮而且刺耳的声音(通常是演奏乐器时发出的声音)

201.the one exception: 例外

202.(to) kick off (someone’s) shoes: relax, enjoy oneself放松,享受

203.(to) have a ball: have fun 玩的尽兴

204.(to) scream (one’s) head off: scream loudly 大声尖叫

205.cacophony (n.): non-stop, combined noise连续的,刺耳的杂音

206.hit the sack: go to sleep 睡觉,就寝

207.sack (v.): to plunder and partially destroy a place掠夺:

208.(to) pop into (someone’s) mind: to think of something quickly突然进入脑海

209.hypothetically speaking: 假设地说

210.something along those lines: something like that类似的东西:诸如此类的事物

211.no frills: no extra or unnecessary parts or features无虚饰的;没有额外的或没有必要的部分或特点

212.heirloom (n.):传家宝

213.(to)hazard a guess: to take a guess based on limited knowledge; to speculate根据现有的知识,思维来猜测

214.what-have-you (n.):things like that诸如此类的事物

215.as it were可以说是,似乎就是;好像

216.straight from the horse’s mouth: information received from a knowledgeable/authoritative source形容来自于权威性资源的信息

217.a knack (n.): a talent, a skill技能,本领,天赋

218.attribute to: 归因于

219.enlightening/thought-provoking (adj.): educational, having profound content启发性的,发人深省的

220.exhaust fumes: smoke from cars汽车尾气

221.(to) shoot the breeze: to talk in a relaxed way about unimportant topics闲侃:轻松地聊一些不重要的话题

222.(to) reminisce (v.): to happily remember past times追忆:愉快滴玩耍回忆旧日时光

223.in a donkey’s age: in a very long time很久

224.a bit of this and that各种话题和各种事物

225.(to) touch base: to establish contact with someone, reconnect和某人取得联系,重聚

226.pet subject: a favorite subject最喜欢的科目

227.(to) be top of someone’s field: the best at something 某人在某领域上达到巅峰

228.(to) be into something:to like 喜爱:喜欢

229.ultimately (adv.): essentially 最终地:基本上,实际上 (这个词跟finally,还有eventually用法不同) 例:“ultimately, it’s a question of who is more popular。”最终,这个问题归结于谁更有名气

230.eventually含有时间因素,表示目前还未发生,但终将发生,例如:“I am sure that we’ll succeed eventually我相信我们最终会成功

231.finally则表达经过一段时间(通常是指经历了困难和滞迟),最终….例如:“He finally arrived to join us. 他终于到了并和我们一起。

232.be dedicated to something: be devoted to something 热衷于,致力于

233.lose one’s temper: to get angry发脾气

234.mind you: (used to draw attention to what was previously said)注意:(常常关注先前说的)

235.(to) shed light on (something): to make clear, to offer valuable insight 阐明,使…清楚地显出

236.(to) whip up (food): to cook quickly快速烹饪速成食品

237.(to) give something a shot: to try, to attempt试一试,尝试

238.a gastronomic masterpiece: a wonderful meal一顿丰盛的菜肴

239.firsthand (adj.): 直接得来的

240.hands on实践的,亲自动手的

241.balmy (adj.): pleasantly warm  温暖宜人的

242.temperate (adj.): moderate, no extremes 温和的;谦逊的

243.(to) be prone to something: 有……倾向的

244.(to) come down with (an illness): 染上…病

245.muggy (adj.): hot and humid 闷热而且潮湿的

246.content (adj.): 满意的,满足的

247.(to) undertake something (v.): to do, start doing something着手做...事,从事

248.a no-brainer: a simple choice 不需对其动脑筋的事物

249.(to) go with: to choose 选择

250.nuclear family: typical family with kids and parents核心家庭:仅有父母和孩子的典型家庭

251.knee-high to a grasshopper: very young幼小的,非常年轻的

252.brat (n.): a child, especially a badly behaved one小坏蛋,淘气鬼

253.(to) return the favor: 报答恩惠

254.on my mother’s side: 我妈妈那边的(亲戚),例:“my uncle on my mom’s side值得就是我的舅舅,因为英语中叔叔和舅舅都是一个uncle这个词。

255.(to) have one’s finger in many pies: 涉足广泛

256.gregarious (adj.): sociable, out-going 爱交际的,擅交际的

257.cultivated (adj.): well-educated 有教养的

258.well-travelled (adj.): having visited many different countries足迹遍天下的

259.entrepreneur (n.): 企业家

260.XX-wise: regarding XX 例:“business-wise”就商业而言,-wise是个后缀,用于名词后面构成副词表示就…而言,关于…

261.Charming (adj.): likeable 迷人的,有魅力的

262.(to) fall under (someone’s) spell: to be impressed by them对某人着迷不已,为某人的…而倾倒

263.(to) emulate (v.): to copy 仿真,仿效

264.(to) make a song and dance about (something): 对…事情大惊小怪,小题大做

265.astonished (adj.): surprised 吃惊的

266.(to) be blown away by something: amazed, surprised 被…深深打动

267.nonchalant (adj.): unconcerned, indifferent若无其事的,毫不在乎的:漠不关心的

268.(made to do something) under false pretences: (to do something) by pretending that something is true以虚假的借口做某事

269.(to) mingle (v.): to walk around and talk to different people交际

270.national identity: national pride国家认同,民族自豪感

271.originate (v.): 起源于

272.(to) tag along: to join (someone)紧跟:尾随,加入

273.(to) cobble together: to put various things together胡乱拼凑

274.culinary skill: cooking ability烹调技术:厨艺

275.(to) throw (something) together: prepare something quickly仓促拼凑

276.agenda: schedule, things to be done日程安排:将要做的事

277.(to) commend: to praise 赞美:夸赞

278.significant other: girlfriend or boyfriend, husband or wife另一半:指配偶或恋人

279.(to) take your fancy: to attract you吸引你

280.mouth-watering (adj.):delicious可口的

281.(to) get together: 聚会

282.delicatessen (n.): a place which sells breads, meats, cheeses etc. ( most used for sandwiches)熟食店:卖面包,肉类,奶酪等的地方(多数用于制作三明治)

283.baguettes (n.): French-style bread法国长棍面包:法式面包

284.sub sandwich: a long(usually 6’’ or 12’’) sandwich三明治:一种长长的三明治

285.condiments (n.): a powder or liquid, such as salt or ketchup that you use to give special taste to food调味品,佐料

286.cold cuts: pre-cooked meat slices (for sandwiches)冷切肉:做好的肉丁(用于三明治)

287.(to) go with (something): to choose that thing选择

288.vibe (n.): feeling, atmosphere气氛

289.it seems like it was only yesterday: time flies etc.恍若昨日:时光飞逝

290.(to) act up: to misbehave, to cry, to scream etc.胡闹,捣蛋

291.(to) talk shop: to talk about related business matters:三句话不离本行,说行话

292.(to) click: to make a connection, to function well together产生默契

293.(to) hit it off (with someone): to get along well相处融洽

294.via: through通过….方式

295.(to) put your finger on (something): to identify the reason/causes etc确切说出,指出,找到起因或原因

296.(to) cascade: to flow fleely (especially water)像瀑布般大量倾泻下来:飞流直下

297.trail (n.): a rough path across open country or through a forest小路:小径

298.(to) trek (v.): to walk a long distance, go hiking艰苦跋涉

299.chirping :叽叽喳喳叫(通常指鸟类)例句:“we can hear the birds chirping”

300.prestigious (adj.): high-quality, something with a good reputation有声望的:著名的

301.(to) pound the pavement: to talk around looking for work为了工作/职业等四处奔走

302.nothing came of it: having no success无功而返,毫无结果,没成功

303.perseverance: the quality of never giving up坚持,毅力

304.innumerable (adj.): too many to count无可胜数:无数的

305.prospective employers: possible future bosses将来可能的老板

306.plum (adj.): ideal, perfect理想的,完美的

307.by a landslide: 以绝对的优势 例句:“He won by a landslide.”

308.Unpretentious (adj.): not stuck up, open朴实无华的,谦逊的,不炫耀的

309.the salt of the earth:高尚的人,社会中坚,优秀分子

310.(to) make ends meet: to have enough money to live收支平衡

311.(to) save money for a rainy day: to save money in case of trouble未雨绸缪

312.(to) live from hand to mouth: only to have enough money to live钢构生活线的水平:温饱水平

313.(to) live the high life: to enjoy a wealthy lifestyle享受高品质的生活

314.a nest egg: money to buy a house etc. 积蓄,储蓄金

315.(to) live on the bread line: to be poor 生活贫困

316.(to) strike it rich: to become rich期望发财:变得富裕

317.to this day: even now直到今日:即使到现在

318.fly (n.):拉链

319.replica (n.): a copy复制品

320.(to) splurge (v.): to spend more money than usual挥霍:比平时花的钱要多

321.(to be) taken aback: to be very surprised大为震惊

322.(to be ) over the moon: to be very happy about something非常喜悦

323.at the crack of dawn: very early破晓时分

324.(to) lose a few pounds/shed pounds: lose weight减肥

325.you can’t dispute the fact that: something is true毋庸置疑 例句:“you can’t dispute the fact that jogging helps elevate your heart rate and shed pounds.”

326.(to) hit the road: to go outside (used for running, travelling etc.)上路(用于跑步,旅游等)

327.cholesterol 胆固醇

328.(to) cut down on (something): to do less减少 例句:”I’d like to cut down on eating too many unhealthy food items .”

329.(to) take a long, hard look at (something): to think seriously about it 谨慎考虑,认真审视,审查…

330.a walk in the park: something which is easy非常容易:很容易的事

331.(to) do wonders for (something): to be very beneficial to对…是非常有益的 例句:”Eating a healthier, balanced diet would probably do wonders for my energy levels, mindset and also waistline.”

332.(to) drop: to quit, to stop, to give up停止,放弃

333.(to) march in: to enter quickly快速进入

334.when the urge strikes me: whenever I feel like it当我想做…的时候

335.like clockwork: to a pre-arranged schedule准确地,有规律地

336.(to) get out of hot water: to get out of trouble脱困:解决麻烦

337.a tight spot: a difficult situation困境

338.in a pickle: in big trouble处境困难,遇到了大麻烦

339.(to) fall on (someone) to do something: to place the burden on someone …的重任落到了某人身上

340.niggling (adj.): slightly annoying为琐事烦心的,琐碎的

341.in the nick of time: right when needed在关键时刻:在需要的时刻

342.(to) break something down: to divide into parts to simplify it分解

343.disastrous (adj.): 灾难性的,可怕的

344.luxurious: expensive, high-class奢侈的,高档的

345.a given (n.): something that is accepted without much thought一个给定 (比如说你想做一个好的英语教师,具备相关知识就是a given)

346.bilingual (adj.): able to speak two languages能说两种语言的

347.expo (n.): exposition 大型展览会

348.intern (n.): a trainee worker实习生

349.(to) enact a law into effect: to create a new law颁布一项新的的法律

350.fine (b.): 罚款

351.lackadaisical (adj.): lazy, careless 懒散的:懒惰的;马虎的

352.repercussions:a bad result 不好的,糟糕的后果

353.(to) lose a few notches from ( one’s) belt: to lose weight减肥

354.win-win situation: 双赢局面

355.loosen up (one’s) limbs: to stretch before exercise运动之前做伸展四肢

356.(to) take some doing: to be difficult有点困难 例句:“that might take some doing.”

357.Apparel: clothes 服装,衣服

358.(to) amble: to walk slowly, to stroll悠然自在地行走:溜达,漫步

359.(to) get up to (something): to do something (an activity)起身做些什么事:做某事(运动)

360.(to) take care of the fort: to mind the home 照看家:照料家庭

361.coach potato: 抱着电视机不放的人:指整天躺在沙发上看电视的人,电视迷

362.(to) scold: to blame, to criticize 指责:责备,批评

363.(to) lounge around: to relax, not to work hard闲逛不干事

364.blockbuster (n.): a very popular, expensive movie 大片:一部相当流行,票价不菲的电影

365.flick (n.): movie电影:片子

366.(to) blow off steam/(to) take a load off: to relax 放松/卸下负担 例句:“I really needed to blow off some steam and just take a load off.”

367.Overcast/dreary (adj.): cloudy and rainy阴天的:乌云密布的

368.Out of the blue: suddenly, unexpectedly 出乎意料地

369.Empty-handed (adj.): without anything两首空空:什么也没带

370.(to) take a stroll down memory lane: to remember the past 重温往事:回忆过去

371.(to) pop the question: to ask someone to get married求婚

372.“Mr. Right”: 对的人,理想的丈夫

373.technophobe: 技术恐惧着:不喜欢新科技,并且害怕使用新科技的人

374.many happy returns: more happy birthdays福寿无疆,长命百岁 例句:“I wish you many happy returns.”

375.(to) go the extra mile: to do more than what’s expected of you 所做的超出你的期许 例句:“I thought that was very nice of her to go the extra mile.”

376.belated (adj.): after the fact迟来的

377.quaint (adj.): cute, old-fashioned古雅的

378.(to be) on everyone’s tongues: many people are talking about it人人都在谈的(热门话题)

379.slant (n.):bias, focus, opinion有倾向性的观点,中心

380.umbrella name: a title which covers a wide variety of smaller tiles统称,主标题

381.(to) crank out: play music loudly大声地播放音乐 例句:“There’s usually a D.J. with a turntable and he cranks out non-stop dance music.”

382.(to) let loose: have fun without concern or worry 放松:尽情释放

383.(to) kill time (v.): to make time pass quickly消磨时间

384.botanical gardens:植物园

385.consecutive (adj.): one after another 连续不断的

386.aficionado (n.): 狂热爱好者 例:“movie aficionado 电影狂热者”

387.sedentary (adj.): not moving, unhealthy久坐的

388.weather permitting: as long as it doesn’t rain 如果天气良好

389.(to) chill out: to relax 放松

390.hustle and bustle: noise and activity熙熙攘攘;喧嚣和忙碌

391.the rat race: busy competitive lifestyle in the city激烈的竞争

392.busker: street musician 街头艺人

393.respite (n.): a short rest from something unpleasant 缓解:暂时的休息

394.oasis (n.): a peaceful area in a noisy, hectic place绿洲,舒适的地方

395.tranquility (n.): peacefulness 安静:宁静

396.C.B.D (n.): Central Business District 商业中心

397.doggie bag: 打包袋

398.slap-bang (adj.):exactly恰好,正好

399.complex/compound: 综合设施建筑群

400.(to) have a ball= (to) have a blast 玩得开心

401.adjacent (adj.): next to each other相邻的


403.overnight (adj.):fast, rapid, and sudden一夜之间的:突然的

404.(to be) down on your luck: unlucky不走运的,倒霉的

405.divine intervention: 天意 例句:”It was almost divine intervention that he won the lottery.” 

406.(to) have something repossessed: to be taken away due to non-payment 由于无力支付而被收回某物

407.light-hearted (adj.): not serious轻松愉快的,轻松有趣的

408.mortgage: a bank loan to buy a house 房贷

409.paparazzi (n.): photographers who follow famous people狗仔队

410.larger-than-life (adj.): mythical, legendary 有英雄色彩的,有传奇色彩的

411.celebrity (n.): a famous person名人

412.you’d have to have been living in a cave not to (have heard of someone or something): 无人不晓 例句:“you’d have to have been living in a cave not to have heard of Uncle Jimmy.”

413.(to) pick (someone’s) brain: 窃取别人的智慧成果 例句:“I’d like to pick Bill Gate’s brain and maybe get some pointers on how to strike it rich.”

414.(to) rub off on (someone): 影响某人 例句:“Maybe his experience and even a little bit of his luck could rub off on me.”

415.…if I’m not mistaken: I think that is the cause (use at the end of a sentence)如果我没搞错的话:我认为这是事实(用于句子末尾)

416.philanthropist (n.): someone who does charitable actions, donates money etc慈善家

417.pointers (n.) tips, ideas, suggestions点子:主意;建议;提示;线索

418.culture shock: a negative reaction to being in a new country with different customs etc.文化冲击

419.language barrier: a difficulty when people speak different languages语言障碍

420.local specialties: famous local food本地特产

421.(to) get on like a house on fire: to get on very well一见如故

422.(to) pass away: to die逝世

423.as it were: sort of, in a way可谓;可以说是

424.dialect (n.): local variation on a language方言

425.colloquial (adj.): like slang 口语的:白话的;通俗的

426.(to be) indiscernible (adj.): unable to tell the difference不可识别的

427.(to be) overwhelmed (adj.): having too much pressure 不堪重负的

428.(to) put your mind to it: to focus on全身心投入,专心致志

429.precocious (adj.): mature早熟的

430.(to) bug: to annoy:使人烦

431.sprightly (adj.): energetic 活泼的,精力充沛的

432.that’s big of him: I admire the way he does things这是我认为他了不起的地方

433.one can only hope: I hope so人们只能希望

434.high-spirited (adj.): full of energy 精力充沛的,兴致勃勃的

435.your average Joe: ordinary people平常人:普通人 例句:“I guess he likes to experience things which, you know, your average Joe doesn’t get to see.”

436.get to do something: 表示有机会做某事或被客观条件允许做某事 例句:“Because my parents live quite a distance from me, I do not get to see them very often.”

437.a spot of bother: trouble困难

438.egghead (n.): an academic, a studious person书生气十足的人;书呆子

439.(to be) sharp as a tack: very smart非常聪明

440.(to) have someone’s smarts: be as intelligent as them和某人一样的聪明

441.flawlessly: perfectly 完美无暇地

442.(to) put your heart and soul into something: to give it all, to work hard for something 全身心地投入,专心致志于某事

443.a standing ovation: when people stand and clap 长时间起立鼓掌

444.amiable/affable (adj.): 和蔼可亲的

445.(to) let you hair down/(to) hang loose: to relax 放松,不急不躁

446.blunder: big mistake 大错

447.exhausted (adj.): extremely tired, drained 非常疲惫的,没有精力的

448.vista (n.): view 景色

449.footloose and fancy free: young and carefree 自由自在;无忧无虑

450.(to) commemorate (v.): 纪念,庆祝

451.(to) catch someone’s eye: to be attractive 吸引某人的眼球 

452.brand-new: completely new 崭新的

453.piggy bank 纯钱罐

454.(to) have someone’s eye on something: 关注某事物

455.marvelous: extraordinary, 

456.exhilarating/uplifting (adj.): exciting, pleasurable令人兴奋的;令人愉悦的

457.technophile: someone who is enthusiastic about technology 技术爱好者

458.(to) show (someone) the ropes: to teach someone how to do something传授某人做某事的窍门; 告诉某人做某事的方法

459.(to) get a hang of (something): to become proficient in doing something掌握….窍门;熟悉某物的用法

460.geek (n.): someone who is intelligent but lack fashion sense and isn’t cool智力超群,善于钻研但不懂与人交往的怪才

461.down-to-earth (adj.): practical, simple, straightforward务实的,实际的,直截了当的

462.all the ins and outs: all the important aspects事情的来龙去脉

463.a crash course速成课程

464.(to) bum a ride/cigarette:免费搭乘/讨一根烟

465.(to) take it from there: to start there 从那里开始 例句:“I learned it at home the old-fashioned way, meaning I bought a cookbook and found a recipe I’d like to try, and took it from there.”

466.(to) nail (something)俚语:to successfully complete something 搞定某事

467.flop (n.): a failure 失败

468.trial and error: fail a few times before you perfect a skill在你成功之前的几次失败;反复尝试

469.(to be) all the rage: very popular 风行一时:很流行

470.intensive (adj.):serious, tough加强的,集中的;严重的,艰苦的

471.stamina: 持久力,体能耐力

472.(to) take off: to become popular流行起来

473.fortitude (n.): strength of mind, courage in adversity坚毅,不屈不挠

474.(to) summon up the courage: 鼓起勇气

475.in the vicinity of: roughly 在…..附近;在….上下 例句;“I think his estimated wealth is somewhere in the vicinity of 11 billion U.S.D.”

476.(to) come into fruition: to become real完成

477.corporate giant: large, powerful, successful companies 企业巨头

478.beverage: drink饮品

479.a household name: someone everyone knows家喻户晓的人

480.rags-to-riches: from poverty to wealth 贫穷到富裕的;白手起家的

481.nitty-gritty (n.): 具体细节;真相,本质

482.word-of-mouth (n.): 口头宣传

483.start-up (n.): a new, inexperienced company新成立的企业

484.instrumental (adj.): helpful起作用的

485.status symbol: 社会地位象征

486.for all intents and purposes: essentially, practically实质上; 在各个方面

487.(to) slack off: not to work hard

488.beefed-up (adj.): 强壮的

489.(to) throw in the towel: to give up放弃,认输

490.(to be) hooked on something: addicted to, can’t stop着迷于某事物,入迷的,不能停止的 例句: “He was totally hooked on playing online computer games.”

491.chic (adj.): trendy, fashionable时髦的,流行的,时尚的

492.(to) stand out from the crowd: 突颖而出

493.(to) cherish: to love珍惜:喜爱

494.sentimental (adj.): relating to personal feelings and memories伤感的:和个人的感觉和记忆相关的 例句:“There are sentimental reasons why it’s special to me.”

495.24/7: all the time 总是

496.condescending (adj.): looking down on someone居高临下的,显得高人一等的

497.spin-off (n.):副产品,衍生产物

498.current events: recent news stories时事新闻

499.apt (adj.): suitable:适当的,合适的

500.prominent (adj.): playing a large role in 突出的,显著的

501.lisp (n.): 口齿不清

502.the food chain: 食物链

503.carnivore/herbivore )(n.): 食肉动物/食草动物

504.legit (adj.): 正统的,真实的

505.(to) brush up on (something): to review 温习,复习,重温

506.tidbits: small pieces of useful information 花边新闻

507.as is usually the case: this usually happens.通常就是这样

508.bold claims: confident assertions of truth大胆断言

509.your average man on the street: most people大多数人

510.(to) track down: to find (经过长时间艰难搜索后)找到

511.a thing of the past: something that no longer exists 已经过去的事情

512.(to) jump on the bandwagon: to get involved in something that is already popular一窝蜂地做某事

513.bumper-to-bumper (adj.): not moving (of cars)一辆接着一辆的;堵塞的

514.(to) break the bank: cause poverty耗尽资源,破产 例句:“These days it is relatively cheap and easy to travel by air, so it shouldn’t break the bank, so to speak.”

515.(to) kick back: to relax轻松休息,放松

516.(to) catch up on: to do something you didn’t have time for before做一些以前没有时间做的事情 例句:“I have to catch up on my sleep.”

517.Seasoned traveller: an experienced traveller有经验的旅行者

518.The best bet: best decision最佳的选择

519.(to) talk somebody into something: to convince somebody to do something:说服某人做某事

520.in retrospect: looking back现在回想起来

521.(to) take someone up on his/her offer: to agree, to accept接受建议:赞成,接受

522.(to) rain cats and dogs (v.): heavy rain倾盆大雨

523.needless to say 不用说,毋庸置疑

524.put a damper on使扫兴 例句:“This put a damper on our whole trip.”

525.fickle (adj.): often changing变化无常的

526.(to) set off: to go 出发

527.(to) scrap: to give up, to throw away废弃,放弃;扔掉