碎碎念3: 两个方法能够提高英语口语和英音以及弱化中式口音【附福利】

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Hi everyone, it’s another Tuesday ..and it seems that I have always been updating this self talk episode or self talk series on a Tuesday. So, hopefully it will become a regular thing..Today I am gonna share some tips on how to improve your English Speaking skills, especially if you want to make some progress on a particular accent… like the British accent..I hope…And before we do that, I would like to thank you guys for all of your support and nice comments. It means a lot to me, especially at the moment, I am only doing this in my spare time..you guys have been really encouraging. So thank you thank you.. I hope you guys will keep tuning in and, you know, find something helpful..humm. Recently, I’ve been receiving quite a few questions or enquiries about how to improve your British English accent…or how to soften the Chinese accent. So I just thought to share some tips that could be helpful for your learnings. I also have something brilliant for you all to take away with and to practice your British accent. I will talk more about it towards the end. Hope you guys will like it.


大家好,又是一个礼拜二的晚上哈哈。看上去我一直在礼拜二的晚上更新碎碎念。希望它会是一个常规的事儿。嗯,今天我想和大家分享几个怎样提高英语口语的技巧,特别是如果你想在某一种口音上有进步..比如说英音. 但是在开始之前,首先,我想和谢谢大家对我的支持和评论。都非常贴心。这个对我来说有大的意义,尤其是目前我只是在用自己的闲暇时间做这个,然后你们真的很鼓励我。所以谢谢谢谢你们。我希望大家继续收听,还有,发现一些对你们有用的东西..

最近,我收到了一些留言,问我关于怎样能够提高英音,或者怎样能够弱化中式英语口语。所以,我就想分享几个技巧,能够帮助你们学习。另外,我今天还有一些很好东西给你们,练习你们的英音。我在今天节目的最后讲多一些。 希望你们能够喜欢它。

So, how to improve your British accent. I guess the rule of thumb is to try to think everything in English.. I mean our brain is literally really powerful and is perfectly capable of learning and adapting to a new language..but we just need to train it first, otherwise, it would get really lazy, and once it gets lazy, all the learnings we have been working so hard will be down the toilet eventually. So if we force our brain to listen to British English, as a starting point, then it will gradually get used to the accent and understand it, before we can speak with that accent. 

那么,怎样提高你的英式口音。我想最重要的经验法则是,尝试着用英语去思维。我们的大脑是非常强大的,而且它完全能够做到学习和适应一个不同的语言。但是首先,我们需要先训练它,不然的话,它会变得非常懒惰,当它很懒的时候,我们一直非常努力的学习成果将会最终浪费掉。所以,如果我们强行要求我们的大脑去听英式英语,作为一个开始,那么它会逐渐的习惯并且明白英音, 然后说这样的口音。


技巧一: 创造英音环境

So my first tip is to create your own British English environment as much as possible.. I know that you may think omg it’s gonna be a very difficult thing to do in China, because obviously everyone speaks Chinese. Well, the easiest way of doing that is to play something in British English at the background wherever you are, for example, British TV shows, series, films, radios, or simply just somebody talking in English with a British accent.. and you know what, you don't have to sit there and pay attention to every single word about whats going on…because the purpose of playing something in British English at the back is just to get familiar with the sounds and tones of British accents and how the different accents within the British language sounded.

所以我第一个技巧就是尽可能的创造你自己的英式英语的环境。我知道,你可能会想说:“天啊,这在中国太难做到了”,因为很明显所有人说的是汉语。最简单的方法是,无论你在哪,在背景放一些英式英语的东西,比如说英国的电视节目, 剧集,电影,电台,或者就只是某人讲英音的东西。你不必非得坐在那然后集中精力地听每一个词,发生了什么。在背景放英式英语的目的是去熟悉英音的发音和调调,以及英式英语里不同的口音。


And while you are doing that, I am sure you will pick some words in British accent when you are tidying your room, or playing on your phone or whatever you could be doing …just have something playing at the background that makes you feel you are surrounded by British people. In that way, you are actually training your brain to pick up the accent without even realising it..In the UK, it is easier to learn the British accent because people speak with that accent all the time. But if you are in China, you’d have to work a bit hard on this. You’d have to create your own little British world yourself, and listen to it as much as possible…and that will make a lot easier for you to lose your native accent. Why? Just think about how children learn their accents from birth, from their parents. Basically, they live in an environment surrounded by their parents speaking the same language. And they listen to that language every single day for a couple of years before they start to speak of that language. So, listening and speaking actually go hand in hand, but you need to, first of all, listen as much as you can before you start to speak, and once you start talking, you will realise that your speaking comes with an accent, which comes from what you have listened. So that’s the reason why you need to create a British learning environment yourself and listen to it as much as possible.

在你做这个的时候,我敢说你会在你收拾屋子的时候,玩手机的时候或者忙活其他的时候,捡起一些英音的词。只是需要在背景放一些(英式英语的)东西,让你感觉你周围是英国人。这样,你是在锻炼你的大脑不知不觉得获得英音。在英国,学习英音相对容易,因为人们无时无刻在讲英音。但是如果你在中国,你得要努力一些,你得自己去创造属于自己的小小英国的世界,然后尽可能的多听。这样,才会让你的母语腔调消失的更快。为什么?想想小孩子是怎样从他们出生的时候,从家长那里,学习口音的。他们生活在说着共同语言的父母的环境下。 然后他们每一天都在听那个语言,直到可以开始说话之前。 所以,基本上,听和说是相辅相成的,但是你需要,首先,尽可能的多听然后再开始说。 当你开始说了,你会意识到你的说的时候带口音的,而这种口音是从你所听到的得来的。所以这就是为什么你需要自己创造英音的环境然后尽可能的多听。


My second tip is to watch more British films, TV shows, and TV series, or listen to British audio books, and then copy or imitate the British accent you want to have…You might want to watch one British film for a couple of times or a few times. For example, for the first time, you could watch it with the subtitles on so that you would know what the film is about, you would understand the story line and the conversations etc. And then, for the second time, you could turn off the subtitles or deliberately not to look at the subtitles, so you are training yourself in English to see if you can understand it…And then once you have understood it by just listening to it, you may want to pause at certain scene that you like, and try to imitate the accent, word by word. And if you want to go a bit extra, you may want to record your own voice to see if it sounds like the accent from the movie .. And remember try to imitate the character of your own sex…so if you a girl, try to copy a female character or her voice..and if you are a guy, try to copy off a guy’s voice…because the way that women speak British accent can be different from what men speak. For example, a girl would have a higher pitch when she speaks English and a guy would have more of a flat tone when he speaks….So they are the two tips that I recommend you guys to try on.


1/ 第一遍,你可以带着字幕看,这样就知道这电影是关于什么的, 也会明白故事线和对话。

2/ 第二遍,你可以把字幕关了或者故意的不去看字幕,这样你是在训练自己去看看能不能用英语听懂(电影里的意思)。

3/ 然后当你能够只用听就能明白意思的是时候,你可以在你喜欢的桥段暂停,然后尝试着模仿那个口音。一个单词一个单词的。

4/ 然后如果你想再提高一下,你可以把自己的声音录下来,然后看一下自己的声音是不是和电影里的口音差不多。

5/ 还有记住,尝试着去模仿同性角色。如果你是一个姑娘,去模仿一个女性角色。如果你是一个男生,去模仿一个男性的声音, 因为女人说英音的方式和男人不一样。比如,一个女孩在她说英语的时候会有高一点的声音,而一个男的在说的时候会有一个比较平稳的声调。


So, in order to help you guys a bit further with British accent. I’ve got something for you guys today, just to improve your listening and speaking skills. They are seven, well, actually 8 Harry Potter films, and what’s the best is that, they are without subtitles. Don't panic! And I also have the plays in audio sounds, which come with the scripts in both Chinese and English. So, what you can do is that you can first of all listen to the play with the script in Chinese so that you know what they are on about…and then watch the actual movie (and because they are without subtitles) so you will train yourself to see if you can understand it in English…And then you can go back to the script and imitate the character by reading off the English along with the audio or the movie, whichever you prefer…On top of that, I also have the audio books and e-books of the actual series, so if you want to read them or listen to them… feel free to do that…I have the full series so that will keep you going for a while…oh ..and by the way, they are completely free…just make sure that you will only use they for learning purposes. If you want these Harry Potter materials, you can go to my wechat account 爱讲英语 and then text Harry Potter or 哈利波特..and follow the steps there..oh..and one more thing..if you want to have look at the script of today’s episode…just reply :碎碎念3 to my wechat account.and you will see it…Ok, that’s the end of today’s episode. Enjoy your learning. I will see you guys next time..bye..

那么,为了更能让大家进一步的学习英音。我今天给打来带来了一些东西,来提高大家的听力和口语能力。他们是7部,实际上是8部哈利波特的电影, 没有字幕的。别慌张,我还有音频版的剧本,中英文版。所以,你可以这么做,

1/ 首先,听音频版的剧本,对照着中文剧本,那么就知道讲什么了。

2/ 然后看电影版的,然后用英语训练大脑看看能不能明白。

3/ 接下来你可以回到剧本的文本,然后跟着电影或者音频剧本模仿英语。

4/ 我还有这个系列的有声读物和电子书,你可以读一读或者听一听,别客气。

我有一整个系列,所以应该会让你们进行一阵子。欧,顺便说一下,这些都是免费的。只是要注意的是你们只能把这些用作学习目的。如果你想要这些哈利波特的学习资源,可以去我的微信公众号:爱讲英语 然后发个“Harry Potter”或者“哈利波特”,然后按照那上面的步骤就行了。欧,还有一件事儿,如果你想看一下今天这集的文本,就在我的订阅号里回复”碎碎念3”,就能看到了。那好吧,又这么晚了,抱歉。恩,那我们下次再见咯,拜~