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1. 雅思口语话题卡——人物篇

  A classmate, 还可以用来形容 best friend,a child you know,happy person,A good friend

  A family member,an old person who influenced you the most,someone you admire

  A happy person,a successful person,A person who has influenced you

  A person you would like to spend a day with=successful person=famous person

  A character in TV show or films=happy person=successful person

  Describe a colleague=successful person

  Describe a music group or singer in your country=famous person

  Describe your neighbor=your best friend

  Describe your parents=family member

  Describe your personality and its advantages结合自己的学习工作谈自己性格的优点

  Describe your teacher=a friend

2. 2


  Describe your favorite book选一本工具书,或者是你熟悉的小说,不用写内容,只要谈书的作用就行了

  Describe a invention before computer 电话,收音机

  Describe a letter or a card。写学校的录取信,或者移民通过的信,可以和success in your life用一个答案

  Describe a pet有养宠物的话就写自己的宠物好了。

  Describe photography可以同describe a card or letter.

  Describe a product that you bought but not satisfied with. 家里应该很多吧

  Describe a traditional Chinese dress旗袍。

  Describe a work of art风筝

  Describe your favorite advertisement。不要讲情节

  Describe an animal同describe a pet

  Describe a piece of architecture inyour hometown同a building in your hometown

  Describe a special piece of clothes or jewelry写自己的wedding ring,或者luckyring。

  Describe an expensive thing you wan to buy具体到价格,I wan to buy a $5000 laptop

  Describe a food that you enjoyed. 要能说得明白怎么做,分三步就可以

  Describe something you want to own in the future=expensive thing that you want to buy

  Describe the best gift=pet=expensive thing you want to buy

  Describe a machine/piece of equipment that is important to you=mobile phone or computer

  Describe a newspaper of magazine=your favorite book

  Describe a interesting room=favorite room in your home

  Describe a toy of yours可以写fluffy toys(毛绒玩具),balloon或者宠物

3. 3


  Describe a problem you’ve met in your life。参考a success in your life,有了problem之后,解决了就是success

  Describe a thing you are interested indoing in the future=describe a book you want to write

  Describe a your favorite way of communication=mobile phone

  Describe an artistic skill you wish to learn=write a book或者绘画

  Describe a small business you want to start=谈自己的工作

  Describe an important decision you’ve made=describe a change in your life可以写决定要出国

  Describe your ideal job着眼于现在工作的不足来写理想工作的特点

  Describe an industry in your hometown

  Describe a special meal讲第一次约会的晚餐好了,呵呵

  Describe your experience in learning alanguage

  Describe pollution in your area可以讲水污染

  Describe a skill or subject you want to study

  Describe something you are good at

  Tell me about how you can improve your work or study

  Describe your favorite period of time during a day具体到一小段时间,例如after lunch, 或者on my way to work

  Describe a project or work you finished with others=每天的工作=describe your colleague

  Describe a youth culture in your country=describe a singer, band or singing group

  Describe something you’ve learned from foreign culture=describe eastern wedding and western wedding

  Describe an ambition in your life=describe an ideal job=describe and ideal house

  Describe one or two bad habits or yours应该比较简单,例如no exercise, too much coffee, too much pressure