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短对话shortconversation 110 文本#

1. M: Sue, what do you think ofthe new shopping center?

  W: I wentthere yesterday, and it is not as good as I expected.

  Q: What doesthe woman think of the shopping center?


2. M: How long will we stay at the camp?

  W: We’llstay there for one night. That means we will leave the camp on August 7.

  Q: When willthe speakers arrive at the camp?


3.M: We are famous for our barbecue pork with rice. Would you like to have some?

  W: Ah, I don’t think so. I am not a big fanof barbecue pork.

  Q: Who is most probably the man?


4.M: Can I stay here for just another minute? I really need to look up somethingon Shakespeare.

  W: Sorry. Everyone is supposed to put booksback to the shelf when the closing bell is sounded.

  Q: Where is the conversation most probablytaking place?


5.M:Wasn’t the show any good?

 W: The show was good, but I can hardly see thestage from my seat.

 Q: What does the woman mean?


6.M:Do you have your breakfast, lunch and dinner at the cafeteria?

 W: I have lunch and dinner there, but I alwaysskip breakfast.

 Q: What do we learn from the conversation?


7M:Are you going to put the seeds of tomatoes into the soil, too?

   W: I think there is plenty of space to theright of the cucumbers.

   Q: Where are the speakers most probablydoing?


8.M: The Morrison Company turned down my application. I don’t know how I can do itwithout a job.

  W: Well, don’t take it so hard. Somethingelse will turn up.

  Q: What does the woman mean?


9. W:  Good morning! This is the Clean Air Hotline. May I help you?

  M: Yes, I’d like to report asmoky vehicle running on King Street.

  Q:  What can we learn fromthe conversation?


10. W:  I think the film is good because it is scary and the specialeffects are amazing.

   M:  It will deserve an award if itweren’t for the last part.

   Q:  What does the man think of thefilm?



#2016上海高考英语听力 passage1.2文本#

passage 1


Not everyone knows clearly how to buildpersonal savings, but a savings plan started on a website has  helped many put away on a nice tiny sum. The 52-week money challenge issimple and if it is maintained, it will result in 1,378 dollars in your savingsaccount each year.

It starts with saving at amount equally onedollar in week 1, 2 dollars in week 2, 3 dollars in week 3, and continues rightthrough the year until 52 dollars in the week 52. While these are small,insignificant amounts, at the end of the year you have enough for an emergencyfund, family celebration, or holiday. Another simple way of building somesavings is by depositing as little as 2 percent of your monthly income into asavings account. The keys is that before build a living expenses start to eataway your salary, you should put aside the savings portion of the your pay.Once you have reached a 1000 dollars, you will find you probablyhave the motivation to continue to save even more.


passage 2

Lifein the town of Tibberton is made up of both good news and bad news. At thelocal school, a successful charity supper has been held. They made more than1000 dollars and a local family in need got the majority of it. Many peoplecame to the event and the family was very grateful. Yet the bad news isstudents have to be made to wait outside before school. It has been really coldlately and the school should consider letting the students in to get warmbefore the weather gets even colder. In the town of Tibberton, a new ice creamstore “The Money Mousse” is opened. It’s a great place to get ice cream, coffeeand other food. As for the bad news, a new bank has been built. Well, it isgood to have a bank nearby. It has also brought much more traffic. In themorning on the way to school, it is horrible. There is really no space for anymore  new buildings in the town.Tibberton is more and more like a big city. On reviewing these local newsevents. It seems Tibberton has a good balance of good and bad news. At leastthere is enough good news, so it means a good place for the residents to enjoytheir life.

14. Forthe local family in need of help, what did they get?

15. Accordingto the speaker, what should the school do?

16. Whatdoes the speaker think of the town of Tibberton?


#2016上海高考英语听力长对话 long Conversation 1-2文本#


Long Conversation 1

M:Shirley, I’m working on our class dairy for next week. Would you please give methe information?

W:Sure! First, it’s the deadline for after-class activity application. Thedeadline is next Monday, June 14th.

M:Monday, June 14th.

W:Yes. Then on Wednesday, that’s the 16th, all classmates have to handin 3 student photos.

M:3 student photos.

W:Okay. Next is the basketball club meeting. It’s on the 17th.

M:The basketball club meeting on the 17th. And where will they meet?

W:At the stadium.

M:And at what time?

W:From 12:45 to 1:30 pm.


W:Then the last thing is about filling in a form with up-to-date personal data.Our class needs to go to the computer-room during the morning break on the 18th.

M:Ok, the morning break on the 18th.

W:Aw! Wait a minute! I made a mistake. It should be during the lunch break.

M:Got it.

W:Thank you!


Long Conversation 2


M:The guest for today is Sue Walter. She is a famous judge in court. Goodmorning, Sue.

W:Good morning, Sean. I am glad to be here today.

MYournew book, My World, will be published next week. Would you please tell us thetheme of your book?

W:Well, I want people who have challenges in their lives to believe that despitetheir difficulties, they can still accomplish a lot. One of my suggestions isto always ask for help.

M:Right, what's the best part about being a judge in court?

W:Having a voice in the decision-making process. There is something extremelysatisfying about that.

M:You've been on the children's program. So, how do you explain your job to kids?

W:I give a very simplified version of what a judge does. I talked to them abouthow the law helps people solve their problems.

M:What's your idea of happiness?

W:I think it would be the satisfaction of enjoying things with others, meaningwhen you are giving to others, whether it's time, attention, a gift, anything,just those moments of sharing.

M:Thank you, Sue.














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