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Chinese state media say the US and China have agreed to continue dialogue on trade issues amid heightened fears of a trade war. China says its Vice Premier Liu He has spoken over the phone with US Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin.

Winter sea ice cover in the Arctic Ocean has been recorded at a second lowest level since records began nearly 40 years ago. New figures reveal that there was about a million square kilometers less ice covering the ocean during the Northern winter, an area about the size of Egypt.

amid: in the middle of or during sth, especially sth that causes excitement or fear

heighted: if a feeling or an effect heightens , or sth heightens it, it becomes stronger or increases 

Treasury Secretary: 财政部长


第二条新闻的“an area about the size of Egypt”其中的an area有一个非常明显的连读,an的n与后面area的啊连读成了“na”


A new study has shown that (                        ). The results come from the Atacama Desert in Chile, (                                  ). The researchers say (                                                                       ).
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And scientists say a new discovery about the origin of the earth oceans mean (                                    ). Studying the oxygen and rocks from the moon and earth, they concluded (                                          ) before the huge planet-scale impact (                                  ).